Dear Man That Got Away,

Dear Man That Got Away,

Dear Man That Got Away,

Today I looked back and looked at the pictures of you. The first time honestly felt nothing. No anger, no love and no sense of betrayal. You know why? Because I really don’t feel that any of whatever I thought we had, Dear Charles (Fuck it I gonna use your name), was real.

I was your toy (I have that song in my head now :D), a toy that you used to play your kinky games with. Its fine.. Although next time, maybe tell the other person what you are doing. Its kind of shitty…

Although, I do understand that, dear boy, you are psychopath and that’s ok. You were not ok. Well, you are still not ok. But thank you! Thank you, dear boy, for teaching me so much, for letting me discover myself. Coz, even though you broke me, dear boy, I learned so much about myself and about you.

I am letting you go now, but I know I will always look back at the windows of what used to be your house or still is your house, but I no longer look through in the crowd of people and hope to see you.

I don’t want to see you anymore, dear boy, good bye and farewell. It was a good journey <3. I shall look for someone else to fixate on!