How did I end up paying money to suck a dick

How did I end up paying money to suck a dick

Payments not always come in the shape of pounds or dollars. But I bet you never paid money to suck a dick. Well, kids, I have! I went to a guys house started sucking his dick and he told me to go home. Return taxi and a bottle of wine, that’s how much I paid to suck a dick. Yes a dick was decent size but still not worth paying money for it. Although now I see it as best spend 16 pounds in my life because I have learned something.

I am one of those girls who don’t think that men should pay for everything. I am more than happy to call myself a taxi and buy my own drinks especially when I know I will get a orgasm out of it, but if you don’t perform and kick me out ,you piece of shit, at least have the fucking decency to call me a cab, you fucking moron.

I have met all sort of men in my life but never met such self cantered piece of shit that only cares about his problems and so happens that every girl he had ‘treated him badly’. I bet you’ll use this story that I wrote a blog about you to gain sympathy from girls.

I should have realised how big of piece of shit you were when you were engaged with three girls and they all happened to treat you badly, all the women keep calling you and you call them bitches. My mama once told me: ‘I respect your father for the fact that he never spoke badly about his exes so I was sure that he would not talk about me badly when we have divorced.’

You know you never had to treat me like shit or promise to date me because I was happy to sit on your penis anyway. Hey, I have a weakness for big penises. But see you get off on control and paying mind games, where I don’t need them. I am self aware and own my shit kind of girl (some of my friends will disagree, but they have seen me drunk after all), but I own my sexuality I am not afraid to get what I want.

I cant believe you thought I would make you dinner when you come over to stay at mine. I cant believe you stayed at mine. You only had sex with me once!!! WTF? You are my bf now or something?  what else did you expect I would do? Wash your socks? Do your laundry? Do you realise that you were just tall dick with no personality. Everything about you annoyed me, you are disrespectful to women, you are a liar. You lied to me from the beginning: you told me you weren’t in the navy, you told me you wanted to date me and then just messed with me, and this time you told me that your friend got into a fight and I had to leave after I just started to suck your dick.

You know how I see this situation and I am probably right: you invited me over as part of kinky foreplay for you and your sub or some other chick you fucking. You disrespected me so much that you were ‘’messaging’’ whilst I was blowing you. When I stopped you have told me: no you can carry on I don’t mind. Seriously? Have you met me? Everything in life is about me! I wont allow anyone to not pay attention whilst I suck your dick!

Another thing, lets be honest, that you have had your phone in your hand because you wanted to film me sucking your dick and send it to someone. 1. You know that I don’t want that; 2. Did you know it is illegal to do so?; 3. Once again you twisted piece of shit.

The only thing I regret is that I showed emotion that night, but if I have sex in mind and I don’t get it I am like a child I have a tantrum. I was so nice to you that evening but what I really wanted to say and I am not being vindictive right now. But I wanted to say that you’re lying sun of the bitch and I have such low opinion of you and delete my number and never contact me. But I don’t make  snap decisions I usually try to sleep on it.

Also, I only agreed to date you because I wanted to ensure I would still be able to sit on your dick. When I told my friends that I agreed to date you everyone laughed and I asked if I liked you. No I didn’t, you are boring, nationalist, have shit tattoos, not particularly good looking, apart from the dick you have nothing to offer. Well, after the break up you would call me a bitch. My bff said it well: you sit on the dick, you don’t date the dick.

So yes, I paid money to suck a dick but its probably the best 17 pounds I have ever spend. You have taught me so much and I am so thankful to you, you made me write a blog I have not written for a very long time, and for a long long long time you gonna be a party story I tell to people and we laugh about it.


See you later bitch! 😉