The Man That Got Away… Now really got away

The Man That Got Away… Now really got away

You remember The Man That Got Away? He was the reason I have started this whole blog. Now he really got away…

During the summer his girlfriend who works as a teacher came down here, so me and TMTGA didn’t see each other. Even though I did not have feelings for him, but making her real would make me uncomfortable. First, it would make her real and second I would realise that everything we have done was kind of borderline cheating and he knew about me not wanting to meet her.

During the summer, I saw him at the bar with his girl and some other dude. I could not go and say hello because it made uncomfortable. So, I waited till he was in the bar without her and went to say hello. Who would have thought that would be the last time I would see him.

Eventually, my messages where read but not responded to and eventually I was blocked. My number, my whatsapp I assume my email as well. The embarrassing part how long it took me to realise that he blocked me… the fact that I was worried about him, that his phone was off.

Right now I feel calm, but recently I wasn’t. so, I wrote this and it pretty much explains it all:


You broke my heart, you broke me. Today is the Halloween weekend… and I can’t stop thinking about you . You know why? Because I know where you are… Torture Gardens… Torture Gardens in London…

It’s weird. you broke me. You broke me twice! First time, it was kind of my fault with your help. You broke my heart, you could not give me what I wanted. So, I fell out of love with you…

But now you broke me… you broke me… The Man That Got Away, you little fucker, you broke me, you betrayed me…

You blocked me out of your life… without even having the balls to tell me. Just blocked my phone number.

I looked through our conversations and you once promised that you will never replace me… what have you done???

Maybe you didn’t replace me but sure did cut me out of your life and cut a hole in my heart.

I miss so much at the same time I wanna punch you in a face.

Fuck you!

Fuck you!

Fuck you!

So, this happened few weeks ago, when I was very emotional. There are still things in my life when I feel, or think of something I wanna share, but I can’t. eventually, I gonna be fine. I will move on new people will come into my life. But… right now it hurts.

P.s. just to entertain everyone. I did google: how to ring someone who blocked me. Google suggested to consider before contacting this person because there might be a reason they have blocked you.

I did consider, then hid my number. and rang him.  First time, I dropped it before he answered and second time I waited till he answered… AND HANG UP.

If you want to send me a stalker award plaque let me know! 😉


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